My product mission

I strive to help companies and organizations build tools and services that have a positive impact on society. I believe in the power of technology and data to support every day needs and improve people’s lives.

My product values

Outcomes-driven: I value creating outcomes for customers over output. I believe that just because something was shipped, it doesn’t necessarily mean it was what the customers needed.

Data-informed: I believe in measuring impact, and I find it important to measure success, drive towards measurable outcomes, and always ask why.

Trust the experts: I have strong opinions, loosely held. I believe in market research, but value listening to the opinions and expertise of my peers. I value closing the gap between product, design, and engineering for cross-functional team.

Personal Outcomes

I’m mission driven. I am passionate about harnessing technology to improve people’s lives, am particularly looking to improve the day to day for folks in marginalized communities.

I look to have a positive impact on a large number of customers. To grow the product’s success, I strive for more product trust and satisfaction.

I enjoy working to help others succeed towards a shared vision; I look to mentor other product managers to create product change at scale.

I’m skilled at product definition, and look for new problems and challenges to solve. Whether those are new customer pain points, a market shift, or an idea for a new product, I work with teams and stakeholders to define product missions, outcomes, and direction.

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